Lugo is one of Galicia’s four provinces in the northwestern Spain with majestic Roman past. It is the only city in the world to be surrounded by completely intact Roman Walls which is a World Heritage Site. Besides its glorious history, in certain times of the year, there are festivals (fiestas) inside Roman Walls and you can enjoy free concerts, taste local foods and experience local traditions. In this article, we are going the answer why we should choose this small, warm city for Erasmus Internship. We have three certain answer for this question, If you interested, please keep reading.

1. Lugo is one of the cheapest city compared to the big cities in Spain.

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If you are looking for a place where you won’t have troubles with money, Lugo may be the best answer for you. Sharing a flat with other people costs approximately 120-180 Euros with a good location in the city. Covering daily expenses does not cost too much, let me give you some examples, according to’s data: one way ticket by public transportation costs 0.64 Euro, and  you will be pleased with prices of groceries, other food products and beverage. Eating outside costs 10 Euros averagely. Drinking good coffee with tapas (basically it’s free food) costs 1 euro to 1.20 euros. If you want to get more information about cost of living in Lugo, check this out :

2. If you want to improve your Spanish, here you go!

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When you travel to countries where the native language is not English, it’s important to be able to say a few things. To be honest, not lots of people speak English, so if you come to Lugo for Erasmus internship, you should take a look at some Spanish phrases. Start learning some basic words and basic expressions before you arrive. It would make your daily life easier in a way to communicate with local people in the market or public transportation for your needs. Also, you can find Spanish courses in University of Lugo and local people may help you during your learning. For example, in my case I started to learn Spanish in Lugo and my host family helped me a lot.  They taught me some important words and phrases. To sum up, learning a language in a country of its origin is undoubtedly the best way of learning because, you are constantly surrounded by native speakers.

3. It’s close to beautiful places in Galicia side.

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Lugo is a worth seeing place because of its history and nature as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. Besides that, It is close to other places that you must experience in Galicia which  can turn your head with its natural beauties and wonderful beaches. My favorite destination is Playa de Las Cathedrales, which takes about 1 hour 10 minutes from Lugo but you need to make reservations before your visit. If you want to try something different, I suggest you to visit the thermal pools in Ourensa, which will take one and half hour drive. Being at the edge of the lake in the nature and relaxing  in the warm pool is fascinating idea. In addition to these destinations, I recommend Santiago de Compostelo which is the capital of the Galicia also it offers The Camino de Santiaga or Way of Saint James, is the Europe’s oldest pilgrimage route and also most travelled.


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