You know: Erasmus experience is the beginning of something much bigger. In fact I chose to do an internship in Lugo not only to improve my digital skills, but also to know better the spanish culture. Lugo is the best place for this and in particular the month of October in Lugo is the best period ever to meet new people and enjoy the city. In fact during the first part of Octobre there is the San Froilán’s festival, a famous festival of Galician tourist interest. There are fairs of antiquity, exhibitions of traditional Galician music, historical reconstructions of the arts and ancient crafts, people dressed in typical clothes, wine and food courses of tapas, concerts of all kinds of music all night long and even firesworks. And so, the small town of Lugo, composed for the most by locals and pilgrims intent on reaching Santiago De Compostela, is overwhelmed by the energy of the many who come to have fun during the days of San Froilán.

This also becomes the perfect opportunity to discover the many magical places of the city of Lugo, starting of course from the circular wall that surrounds the historic center of the city, completely walkable and included in the UNESCO list. The visit of the city then continues to the Cathedral, the Museum of the domus of Mithraeum, the Interactive Museum of the History of Lugo, untill the alleys of the city, where you can enjoy a very good and cheap beer together with typical free tapas.

In short, Lugo is not only a city suitable for students or interns, but is also a beautiful historical city. It’s what says one who lives in Rome!

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