The vision of tomorrow’s manufacturing; in intelligent factories, machines, now materials and products communicate each other within an “ Internet of Things ” and cooperatively drive production. Products find their way independently through the production process. The objective: highly flexible, individualized and resource- friendly mass production. That is the vision for the fourth ındustrial revolution.

Cyber- physical systems, Internet of Things, Smart Factory and Internet of Services are the most common four terms cited in academic research publications related to the ındustry. Cyber physical systems means that computers and networksa be able to monitor the physical process of manufacturing at a certain process. Internet of Things ( IoT ) is what enables objects and machines such as mobile phones and sensors to “communicate” with each other as well as human beings to work out solutions. The Internet of Services ( IoS ) aims at creating a wrapper that simplifies all connected devices to make the most out of them by simplifying the process. Smart Factory can be defined as a factory where CPS communicate over the IoT and assist people and machines in the execution of their tasks.

Although manufacturing is the biggest component (%18) of the Turkish economy, transportation, retail sales and agriculture have a significant share in income distribution. Low rate of advanced technology products in export in Turkey. If we compare Turkey with Spain; Spain in the manufacture and export of technology products in Turkey is also in a better position. Spain is among the top 5 countries with the ındustry. Pharmaceuticals, metals, machine tools, etc. are the biggest industries of Spain.  The largest industry in the world:

1.Germany    2.United States    3.Japan

It makes you more competitive, especially against disruptors like Amazon. It makes you more attractive to the younger workforce. It makes your team stronger and more collaborative. It allows you to address potential issues before they become big problems. It allows you to trim costs, boost profits, and fuel growth.

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