The answer is not one, it is in both. The real answer to us is, the person who knows better is
the one who can use what’s inside his head to combine them.
A traveler is the one who has the capacity to respect, the power of empathy and the skills to
adapt since different people who have gone out of their world have recognized different lives
and cultures meet faces from different races, nationalities, and languages.
And sure thing a reader is the one with patience, intellectuality, and open-mindedness. These
are the people whose ability to use imagination, hunger for knowledge emerges more often. And
maybe the ones have the most glamorous foulard.
You may have many resources like time and money so you can use them to travel all around
the world or you can use them to reach all the books around the world. Yet if you’re unable to
manage your resources, there’s no conversation to make for you.
Suppose you’re one of those who can, I’m asking you, can you feel the taste of a meal by its
a recipe without actually tasting it or can you understand the story behind a historical place while
you’re visiting, without reading the background information? You got to experience something
by reading before you reach it in its place and you got to feel something after reading about it so
that it can make sense in the depths of your mind.
What we mean is that, instead of separating these two phenomena that complement each other,
we can have better experiences by merging them. We can taste a Paella in Spain much better,
and we can feel the history of the Colosseum in Italy wiser.

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