In order to comment on our future, we have to know that we have a priority. Today, many people ignore the past, while commenting like a philosopher. The history of humanity has had many incidents and we can not know all of them in details. But still some events may be enough to make comments about our future. First of all we have to look at what question we are looking for and we have to go past this problem. Where are we going? So where does humanity, world and the universe go?

Where does humanity go? If the short answer is that the population is declining or if there are enough resources, there is no trouble and it is going well. Let’s come to a long and justified answer …

Since the very beginning of their history, humanity has been living as an entity whose needs are limitless. It has the capacity to change anything that does not fit itself, and has idea that if necessary, it can easily destroy even its own kind. When we look back, most things we can say about war are important. And these wars are all the wars people make between themselves. In documentary I saw that after fire ants had multiplied, they led themselves to suicide in the electrical circuits for no reason at all. They ended their lives with an action that was not in their own interest. But, perhaps, it is a great sacrifice for continuation of their species. Perhaps the reason for the wars we have seen in history was an animal instinct. Throughout history people have found a reason to fight against each other, even though they have enough resources that they need.

So how does this go so far and what do we expect in the future? Mankind finds an excuse and is not missing the war. The source of the war is always the same as it is. One of the basic subjects of economics is to meet limitless human needs with limited resources and nowadays economics is a science that is becoming very popular. Perhaps people will find a suitable solution to meet their limitless needs with limited resources. Maybe working like, space mining, will end these wars.

As a result, I can say that most of the scientific work done today is promising about the future. It is also a fact that these scientific studies will take some time to spread to all humanity.

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