Thousands of students are wondering in the middle of their student life if going abroad for a scholarship is one of the best choice they would ever take. From my point of view this is a good idea, the one that will change their life forever, but I think that before they take that decision, they have to be well informed about all this involve, so this article is about all the things you have to know before you apply for a scholarship abroad.

1.The very hard truth about studying abroad

Any hesitation about studying abroad is typically related to the cost. However the thing that students don´t know is that is not the only one reason that they should be worried. This article starts with the ugly parts of studying abroud but I swear that in the end you will have the desire to apply for one scholarship abroad. So as I told you, the costs is not the only obstacle, including the language, the courses, the different schedule, the missing family and the most important one is going out of the comfort zone. Above all these things the students have to be seen like adults so I think all the reasons I said there is no one that could stop teenagers to go abroad for studying.

2.All the things students should take into consideration when they decide to go abroud

In the first place, students have to know that there are scholarships for everyone and for every type of fields and if they want to apply the first thing they need is courage. Also the students have to be prepared for the best experience of their life with their learning agreements signed by them, by the sending institution and by the hosting university in original so the students may be in contact with the major people of these institution all the time before the mobility, during the mobility and after that.

Another thing that they should take into consideration is the amount of money they will have monthly (it depends on every country and their economy, if the country have a low level of economy they can manage around 450 euros per month and if the country they will go to has a high level of economy they will receive around 500 euros per month).

The student have to search for themselves a place to stay during the mobility so it´s better if they find a place  before they go there, just to be sure. A little trick for them that I suggest is that they can speak and get in touch with the others students that went there in another years so they know better.

3.The experience itself

Students that decide to go to study abroad have to know that the experience will be unbelievable and unforgettable by traveling around the world, discovering new cultures, making new international friends, learning how to be independents and how to discover themselves.

Long story short they will make the baggages, say ¨bye¨ to their families, going into the plane, arrive on the destination (maybe the weak ones will cry a little when they will wake up all alone there-but don´t worry will not last), they will find their accommodation that they have booked already before and then all they will do is getting used to be in the country they chose for their scholarship, meeting the teachers and the classmates, the roommates and the people that in a short time will be their friends-maybe for life.

All above these things students will travel a lot, and when I say ¨a lot¨ I really  mean it. They will explore the country and the other countries they like and all these during the 4-5-6 months that they will stay there, and this is only the beginning of their ¨exploring life¨.

4.The very sad ending

They say that the end is always the hard one so it really is. Is hard to say goodbye to the ones that stayed by your side four or five or six months, to the country that hosted you and have been so nice to your needs. With all the bads and goods, this experience is not so easy to say ¨stop¨ to it and if you cried in the beginning for being all alone in a strange and foreign country, now look at you crying for not wanting to go back home.

So, people around the world, teenagers, students all over, go and have the best experience of your life. Believe me, it´s worth it and you will never regret it.

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