My name is Hamide Özüaydın. I am 23 years old and I am from Eskişehir, Turkey. I am studying Economics at Anadolu University. I have always wanted to go abroad since I was in high school because I have wanted to know about other cultures and their lives. When I started at University, I have wondered  Spain and I would want to travel to their cities and also other Europe countries. Going to Europe is always be important for me because when I look at their history, they struggled for their freedoms in the Renaissance. In addition, to add, they had created works so much about the art and architectural topics. Today, they have

I am doing an internship in Lugo. I did not know and hear this city before the internship but I feel so lucky myself for being here because this city is small and you can walk everywhere. If you don’t like crowded and noisy cities, Lugo is available for you. People which living in here are very helpful and friendly. Also, life is so cheap here, you can support yourself easily.

Lugo is a city in northwestern Spain in the autonomous community of Galicia. There are about 90.000 people in this city also having some historical places, structures, and natural areas. Also, it includes Sainte-Marie Cathedral and Roman walls. Their history is based on the 3rd century so the fortifications were added to Unesco’s World Heritage List in late 2000 and are a popular tourist attraction. In addition, to add, there are some private and public universities in Lugo. There are also many Erasmus students from different countries. With many students, streets and some places are lively in the evenings.

On the other hand, Lugo is the near some cities like this A Coruna and Santiago De Compostela. A Coruna is a city which having seaside so many people can prefer going there. Also, Santiago De Compostela has some touristic places and has an airport so coming people from the other countries can come there and keep going on their trips.

Finally, if you know how do you pleasure in your life, you satisfy and be happy in the everywhere and all situations.

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