Many companies are looking for work experience from new graduates in business purchases. This is a problem for many graduates. What is the reason for this: not doing an internship. Some people do an internship but is it enough for you? Maybe an internship abroad  is better for you. But has it what kind of benefits?

Every experience you will experience in the international area takes you one step forward. Many people try to improve themselves by doing internship in various places in the national area but it is generally not very efficient. However, if you do an internship abroad, you can get much more than you will get here. This can be good for language and culture  but it is also important in terms of networking abroad. Employers also have a greater reputation for those who have made a career abroad.

It is an education or experience that can make you distinguish your CV from others. The vision, vision, knowledge and skill of the global sense will increase for most of the students who have internship abroad. This will not escape the employers’ eyes. Most studies have shown that a well-completed university background in terms of employers or a high average grade of English is not sufficient in the recruitment process. There is a need for people who have experience abroad, who have practical knowledge of foreign languages, and who can produce plans and projects for the future in relation to their workplace. So an internship you will do abroad will probably be 2-3 times better than your national internship.

The best way to learn a language is to communicate daily with people in the language of their mother tongue and actively use the language. When you go abroad for internship, you can improve your English and you can also learn the mother tongue of that country. In addition, internship in a professional sense will be very helpful in terms of the development of your academic language. 


New countries and cities where most of the students who have the idea of ​​doing internships abroad will see the most excited part about this topic. You can travel in every leisure time you found, and you will live your life as you are. Regarding the sections on which you are continuing to train, it is also the experience to go to countries with the best business fields and industries and to live through your life and shape your career.

If you know different cultures and live among different people, you change your view of life. This is reflected in your daily life as well as your business life. It respects people with different backgrounds and increases your tolerance and strengthens your communication with people.

As you spend time in the country you are going to, you will meet different people so that you can create your own social environment there. Also, as new people get to know you and you will be quite connected to your business, you can have an opportunity staying there or you can get a job offer  from another employer there.

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