It is said that Greece is a beautiful country but since I came here I loved the spanish way of life!

Let’s start from the beginning. My name is Barbara and I’m from Kalamata, a city in southern  Greece.

I’ve always wanted to visit Spain and when the opportunity appeared I grabbed it choosing the destination but it wasn’t easy because all Spain is amazing, at the end I came in the North to try something different.

Lugo is not a small city but it can be “small”.That means even though it’s a capital with around 90.000 habitants, it’s easy to learn the alleys inside the Muralla, the beautiful parks, the riverside with a historical roman bridge and understand the “idioma gallego”.

The people are friendly enough even though they don’t speak english and always smile. Walking inside or on the muralla feels like you live in roman empire’s years, this is during the daylight.

When the night falls it’s also magical and interesting, there are bars everywhere in which you can try Estrella Galicia, the local beer of Galicia, and so many other cheap drinks served with free tapas, small treats of sausage, pasta or potatoes, everything is very tasty!

If you wonder about the nightlife I can confirm that it’s more than you can expect, you can go out dance latin or reggaeton, that is the most popular here, and unlike greece there is no dress code. Even if you are not a fun of reggaeton you will love the atmosphere in the discotecas and dance until the sun comes up!!!

You will learn new things in your working field in a company with real professionals, you’ll practice your spanish if you want and attending different seminars and in your free time you’ll have the chance to do a lot of things with your new partners/friends!

Taking consideration of all these things your internship will be unforgettable!

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