Probably, the most common problem for last year university students is doubts about their future. You are full of energy and knowledges and ready to send your application to labor market, but majority of employers require working experience from you. And the question is – where to get this experience, during university years? Fortunately, Erasmus + program can help you to improve your CV a little bit, offering traineeship opportunity. But someone (like me) can face with one small difficulty – you have to find traineeship placement by yourself. So, first question, which, you, my young adventure seeker will might have is:

“How to find traineeship placement?”

In present digital era, it’s not hard to find webpages, where employers are publishing their offers. I was using:

My choice was marketing internship in Lugo, Spain, offered by

After completion of Erasmus competition and receiving my grant, next question, that I had, was:

“How to plan your trip to internship destination?”

Let’s say, that, when I was a student, I had a lot of empty space in my wallet. That’s why, I couldn’t afford myself to book first class airplane ticket for 500 euro, so, I had to book my low-cost tickets in advance. I was using this web-portal, where, you can compare flight tickets and to find the cheapest option:

By the way, if you will have your traineeship in the city, which doesn‘t have airport connection (like Lugo), you have to find the closest airport and then, after arrival, further bus/train connection to your final destination. In my case that was Santiago de Compostela Airport (SCQ), which is located 115 km away from Lugo, so I used a bus to get there.

Santiago de Compostela Airport (SCQ)

Santiago de Compostela bus station

As an alternative, you can use such services, as:, but, probably, during the journey, you won‘t, probably, have permanent internet, that‘s why it‘s better to plan everything in advance.

And the last, but not the least difficulty for me was: “What to do, when you arrived to your final destination?” …when you are tired from a long journey and standing at the bus station with your heavy travel bag.

Lugo bus station

Fortunately, my employer helped me by picking me up from bus station and providing accommodation. And on the next day, I had a lot of enthusiasm, that is essential for successful work.




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