Our program in Lugo

“The Galician city, of Roman origin”

Settled on a hill on the banks of the River Miño, the city of Lugo preserves important traces of its Roman past, including its millenary wall, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Intramuros, the city preserves quiet pedestrian streets, wide squares and landscaped spaces, where buildings such as the Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace and the Town Hall stand out. But its old quarter also shelters some of the best restaurants in Galicia, where it is possible to savor the excellent meats and fresh fish that have given a recognized fame to the cuisine of Lugo.

Lugo, located in the interior of the province on the banks of the Miño river, is the capital of the Galician province in which the Roman civilization left a more important footprint. The greatest exponent of the Roman legacy in the city is its wall. Built in the 3rd century AD C. and early fourth century in what was then called Lucus Augusti, this stone construction has managed to survive over the centuries and continues to be the architectural element that defines decisively the appearance of the city, marking the boundaries of the historic center and the widening. The uniqueness of this thousand-year-old fortification and its good state of preservation have enabled it to become the only Roman wall declared a World Heritage Site.

A good way to know the city is, precisely, climbing this impressive construction, about 10 meters high, and walking the 2,266 meters that has its perimeter. From this position you can admire the historic center that hides inside the walls.


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